Cardio Cross – training is key to weight loss!!!

When it comes to ongoing weight loss it comes down to constant – workout – cardio blasts. Now you may think cardio blasts are strictly based on pure cardio alone; Wrong! When I speak of cardio blasts… I speak in terms of differentiating your workouts on a regular basis.
See, when it comes to the Human Body… variety in everything is a definite Must! Reading different information for the brain to grow is a must! So is the same for our physical workouts as well as our eating regimen. If you always do the same for all of the above you’ll eventually plateau; halting change.
In a nutshell try this formula for total Human growth. For 1 month do a different workout 4x/week for 1 hour. Read any type of informative material (for self and work) 3x every week. And trying mixing up your food as well as liquid intake 5 out of 7 days in the week. These new changes can all be done together, week to week for 1 month. Enjoy the changes for the better. Let me know your feedback.

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