Chris Mazzio

Fusion Fitness Results was developed by Chris Mazzio, 15 years as a Certified Fitness Trainer.  Chris decided that people find it hard to work out time wise and location wise as well. At Fusion Fitness Results Chris believes that you can get a workout in anywhere, anytime, anyhow.  As long as people understand how to get results, the equipment doesn’t decide your destiny.

At Fusion Fitness Results our time will be to educate you on the overall concepts of working out as well as what tools will get you the right results that you yearn for, long term.  Chris believes that education with basic fitness concepts is huge.  From the basics you can build, forever, and win with confidence.

Videos to purchase, blogging as a vehicle to learn, interaction with personal sessions with Chris, and knowledge for your library will be accessible at Fusion Fitness Results.  All that you have to do is to reach out and grab this information on a regular basis thru this website, Fusion Fitness to move you and your body to the next level.


Chris Mazzio


The Concept behind the Fusion Fitness Workout plan.

  • Workout in less time
  • Better results
  • More time in your life to do other things.